100 MVTC’s Graduates To Benefit -From Overseas Vocational # Skills Training


Some 100 graduates of the Monrovia Vocational Training Center (MVTC) yesterday, November 5, 2018 were opportuned to benefit from an overseas vocational and skills training from China AID 2018.

    The Chinese Embassy near Monrovia in partnership with the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Youth and Sports yesterday opened an overseas vocational and skills training program at the MVTC in Paynesville outside Monrovia for one hundred Liberian Youth under China Aid in 2018.

     Speaking at the occasion Chinese Ambassador to Liberia, Fu Jijun said the program is intended to strengthen the bilateral relationship between Liberia and the People’s Republic of China (PRC) through vocational and skills training.

      Amb.Fu Jijun also said the first phase of the program this year will capture one hundred students of the Monrovia Vocational and training Center (MVTC) and graduates of the institution to be trained in three different areas of studies which include; Electricity, Auto Repairing and Building constructions.

    Meanwhile, the Vice President of the Shan Dong Foreign Trade Vocational College, Mr. Tang Changchen said the vocational is one of the best vocational training institutions in the People’s Republic of China and have decided to bring this training to Liberia, especially for the young people of Liberia to enable them contribute to the growth and development, because every nation’s strength depends on the young generation to build their country.

     He also said that the training is being brought to Liberia to empower the youth in the country as they are the future leaders of Liberia  

    He also appreciated the Government of Liberia for embracing the partnership with the People’s Republic of China and the Shan Dong Foreign Trade Vocational College in China for extending their vocational training program to Liberia, their best partner in Africa.

     At the same time, Vice President Jewel Howard- Taylor thanked the Chinese Ambassador, the Government and people of China and the Shan Dong vocational College for the opportunity given to Liberian youth in the area of vocational and skills training to improve their vocational skills in the country.

     She also extended thanks and appreciations to the PRC for their far sightedness to introduce this overseas vocational and skills exercise and urged the Shan Dong Foreign Trade to continue its support in the vocational skills training   

    She cautioned the100 students to make maximum use of the opportunity given them as they are the future leaders of Liberia, because the government is doing everything in her weak way to empower the young people through vocational training and skills as the government will not employ every Liberian, adding, “but if you make use of this opportunity you will be a great help to the development of mama Liberia.

     Moreover, Youth and Sports Minister D. Zeogar Wilson reiterated the call for the students to be serious in learning those technical skills that they are going to acquire for the forty-five days as it will be fruitful. 

     He said that the government is prioritizing the empowerment of young people of Liberia as per the government’s PRO-POOR agenda for prosperity and development, and the government will not employ every Liberian.

     Again, one of the beneficiaries, Leon Z.M. Harris said he is happy to be part of the overseas training from China and is going to use the opportunity that have been afforded him; and called on his fellow students to take the training seriously as it will impact their lives and the Liberian society at large

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