28-year-old Motorcyclist Murdered -On The Zorzor -Salayea Highway


Report gathered from Zorzor, Lofa County indicates the discovery of the battered body of a 28-year-old motorcyclist which has brought fear among citizens and commuters along the Zorzor -Salayea highway in Liberia’s Northwestern Lofa County.

   Our source in the county quoted a police investigators that J. Barkolleh Tokpah, age 28 was discovered on Friday August 8, 2018 between Suclumu Town and Zorzor City, with a hole at the back of his neck.

   Family members of the victim explained to police that the late Tokpa is believed to have been killed by an unknown individual, who he took on his bike from Yarpeah in Salayea District to Zorzor City with containers of oil.

     They explained further that the motorcyclist was seen on that fateful day transporting oil from Yarpeah to Zorzor on three different occasions before being allegedly murdered.

     Our source said police investigation believed that the alleged perpetrator used a shotgun or single barrel to shoot the victim from the back of his head while they both were on the motorbike before reaching the immigration check point in Zorzor City around 7-8pm.

      The unknown perpetrator is reported to have escaped with the motorbike in question after allegedly committing the act.

     Following an examination of the body by a fifteen-man jury, our source said the corpse of the 28-year-old man was turned over to the family for burial.

      This is the second time in less than two months that a motorcyclist has been allegedly murdered along the Salayea to Zorzor highway by unknown individuals who normally made their way with the bikes.

     The situation which many have condemned is said to be very worrisome for not just motorcyclists but other travelers as well.

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