Can Dr. Dennis Maintain the Peace at UL?

For so long, the state run University of Liberia has been plagued with serious problems dating back to the hay days of Samuel Kayon  Doe  to Charles Taylor  and the onset of  the Ellen led government under Dr. Al-hassan Conteh
The problems then range from, poor salaries for instructors, constant disruption of classes as a result of student riots  and the incursion of the UL campus by armed SATU men under Doe
SODs under Taylor  and  the brief appearance of the ERU’s and PSU’s units under President Sirleaf amongst others.
As a result of this, the UL then faced,  the open- closed, open- closed, open- closed, open- closed and open again scenario, leaving  lecturers to down their tools  due to poor incentives.
This Ugly scenario  led  to students taking to the streets, and those who put on their  brave hats to dare the powers of the armed militants  were severely beaten by the Samuel Doe’s SATU even on the main Campus where it was reported that women were also raped.
The  SODs then referred to as SONS OF THE DEVIL, played their roles when they also invaded the campus and hardheartedly beat students per the orders of their political and Military god-fathers.
Then in recent by the PSU’s and ERU’s who intervened in the recent UL stalemate, and was reported that they unfeelingly jostle students for siding  with their lecturers calling for the resignation Dr. Brownell who  many saw in different ways, some as a transformational leader and others the worst the UL had ever produced.
These precarious situation on the UL campus scared several student leaders like Now Foreign minister Augustine N’gafuan, Alphonso Socrate Nemene amongst others. They   fled the country fearing the brutality of the muscular, dreadful and robot like SODs
Prior to the coming into being of the Taylor’s regime, the UL experienced several other disturbances from the hands of the Military coup leader ( Samuel Doe) who militarized the University and made the students his beating drums whenever they raised concerns on poor  governance of the state and other matters.
Similar situation that engulfed the UL under the   Taylor’s regime,  had in recent past shown its ugly face at the UL with faculty Association Members also laying down their tools in demand of salary increase and resignation of Dr. Brownell amongst others, which they succeeded in doing.
The UL has not experienced such an ugly situation like riot by students and strike by professors and lecturers for a long time now since Dr. Dennis and his able lieutenants took over the helm of leadership.
The fact remains,  that these same professors who earned not more than one hundred US dollars during the Taylor’s regime are now earning at least one thousand US dollars or more monthly.
This in the minds of conflict resolution experts and well calculative individuals is another means of maintaining peace in a conflict explosive zone, especially the UL that has been a battle ground from unsatisfied UL staffers.
Dr. James Okoyo, a Kenyan Communication expert said in one of communication classes at the Radio Waumini Tanning College in Nairobi Kenya: “You can only have peace, when those who make you happy, are in return made to keep the smiles on their faces.” He said smiling at the little class of twelve communicators.
This saying needs to be applied in our professional areas, even after nine years of studies at Waumini; Dr. Okoyo’s words still remain fresh in my ears.
As if the well erudite sate men (Dr. Dennis) had been a member of the class lectured by Dr. Okoyo , many including this writer still thinks the peace being enjoyed on the UL campus is because the workers are satisfied, even if there have been  some smaller  disillusionments. 
Dr. Emmett Dennis who is referred to as the “Academic Messiah” has ensured that the campuses of the UL remain peaceful through engagements with various student leaders, interaction with the students’ body, and making upward adjustment in salaries of professors.
This has maintained the peace and stability of the UL which we think must be upheld and the UL team be lauded for.
UL students need to remain peaceful and channel their astringent grievances through the proper channel for redress instead of getting involved with lawlessness that will not help their resolve their problems.
For we believe, that agitation, riots and street demonstrations did not help us in the past and will not help us even now.
Politicians must stop using our students to accomplish their selfish political agenda, but rather help them achieve their dreams of becoming national leaders through the non violent approach.
The UL students and lecturers must be hailed for relaxing their multiple demands that saw the reopening of the state run university, and we beseech them to continuously dialogue with the Emmett Dennis’ administration when itchy face problems spark off to disrupt the gains made by the “Academic Messiah” and his co-workers.

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