Helena Nimley: Victim Or Captive?

Front line commanders have never made it a secret that on the battlefield, truth is always the first casualty.

Now since the departure of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), the security of the state and its people has fully been dependent on the Liberia National Police (LNP).

Even though thelack of logistics and low salaries and incentives have been an old age problem of the police in Liberia, the mandate of the Police to protect lives and properties remains unbending.

However, the policehave come under serious criticisms since the increase of crimes ranging from murder, rape to armed robbery in Liberia for the past six months.

The police againreceived huge condemnation with respect to the riot that took place in the Barnesville, Kebbah Community about two weeks ago.

According to report, an angry crowd took to the streets when a motor accident involving a motor cycle and a vehicle, leading to the deaths of the motorcyclist and a passenger and the injury of a lady, identified as Helena Nimely.

Since that incident, there have been contradictions from authorities of the LNP as well as claims and counter claims from the public.

Bystanders on thescene of the incident alleged that the police used firearm to disburse the surging crowd which led to the injury on the neck of Madam Nimely. However, authorities of the LNP, including the Deputy Inspector (DIG) General Robert Gblee said there was no firing on the scene that day.

But the InspectorGeneral of the LNP, Patrick Sudue on Tuesday, July 10, 2018 told a news conference in Monrovia that indeed there was shooting at the scene of the Kebbah riot and that the wound on Madam Nimely’s neck was not caused by bullet wound.

The LNP basedits assertion on a medical report which it said was made available by THT Hospital.

He added thatthe lady obtained laceration from the back to the front of her neck which is 14 inches from her ear but the lady’s family allegedly refused to allow the LNP to take her for an X-ray.

The Police IGnoted that if it were a bullet wound, the Police would have given such report to the public and take punitive action against said officer.

IG Sudue saidthat he was not in the country when the incident took place but began his investigation immediately upon his return to the country.

Amidst twists andturns, has Helena Nimely become a victim or captive? And just who’s talking the truth?                                    

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