Influx of Ghanaians, Other Nationals Troubling -To Grand Kru citizens


Report reaching the offices of the FOCUS Newspaper indicates that there is an influx of Ghanaians in Grand Kru.

     The report also suggests that the Ghanaians most of whom are indulging into alleged mining activities using earth moving equipment and other excavators and fishery, entered the county by way of the Atlantic Ocean.

    The report says as a result of the influx of Ghanaians and other nationals, illegal mining activities are reportedly on the increase.

    Over the years the report says Grand Kru County has been victim of illegal mining activities, miners extracted huge quantities of gold and other minerals without developmental agenda thus, leaving the county underdeveloped.

    Accordingly, as a result of the alleged illegal mining activities by foreign nationals, including Ghanaians and mostly Chinese,   most farmers, hunters and others who hustle in the forest continued to complain of their forest region being polluted and infested with deep and dangerous trenches making it very difficult and dangerous to patrol the forests easily as some fear of dropping into a deep hole.

    Our source in Grand Kru, indicated via cell phone that despite frantic effort by the citizens particularly the citizens of electoral District #2, Grand Kru County to have the company address the situation surrounding the uncovered trenches and other polluted activities every effort proves futile.

      The citizens are complaining further alleged that the miners excavated trenches using powerful excavators and other machines in the forest regions as a result of their operations in the forest, the Chinese continued to ignore the concern of the citizens.

     When contacted Elizabeth Caw, Head the Chinese exclusive mining cooperative told he this paper that she is not answerable to the aggrieved citizens rather the Environmental Protection Agency   (EPA), a government’s agency operating in the county.

    She said all other necessary transactions to begin operation were made through EPA and that her institution signed an assurance bond with to DEA with the concern of the environment.

     “Upon the commencement of the Chinese mining company’s operation in the county, the management of EPA requested US$10,000 insurance bond from the various mining institutions as a guarantee to ensuring that the forest areas are protected from ecological and other forms of pollutions.   

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