Unity Party/USA – Letter Of Indictment For Impeachment Proceedings Of Dr. Anthony Kanneh

Cognizant of the duties and responsibilities of the National Board of Directors of the National Association of Unity Party in the Americas/Diaspora, as enshrined in its Constitution and by-laws under article VII section (b), and mindful that together, the National Leadership of said Association in the Diaspora must evolve through the tenents of participatory democracy and the rule of law, the National Executive Committee made charges preferred by Memorial: “a written statement of detail facts and pieces of evidence regarding Mr. Anthony Kanneh’s gross ‘maladministration’ practices such as:
1. That of which is beset with assorted scandals to include unilaterally receiving money from Minister Lewis Brown and independently committing to him, without any color of rights, that the Association members would traveled to New York to stage a pro-government rally against anti-government demonstrators.
2. That his continuous administrative malpractice and disrespect for the entire UP-USA members led to encouraging one Mr. Abraham Mellish to buy into his political shenanigan (deceitful and underhanded) acts and thus, he encouraged him to published via email an “Expulsion and Suspension letter of all Board Members, elected Officials and respective State Chairman on February 24, 2014.
3. That during his initial investigative hearing of receiving substantial and undisclosed amount of money from Minister Lewis Brown, purported to be for UP/USA, but to the contrary, he solely converted same for self-purpose, without knowledge or consultation with the Board and members of the Association; but elected to commit the Association. Hence, prompting an inquest into his questionable acts. During said inquest, he attempted playing evasive tactics, delayed answers and was incoherent, recalcitrant and intransigent. Mr. Kanneh further failed to provide adequate answers to direct and simple questions and failed to follow procedures or the rule of laws as provided in our constitution. He was also incredibly disingenous and not forthcoming, unbelievably misleading, direadfully incompetent and found to be awfully and woefully corrupt.
4. When an elected public official of UP USA, is found to be corrupt, dishonest, unjust, blundering and ineffectual in his leadership, and thus, attempts to cover up to make a complete caricature and travesty of justice, he Must be investigated in keeping with ‘due process’ and if found culpable like in the case of Mr. Anthony Kanneh, the rule of law MUST be fully applied, and in this unique case, his questionable actions rose to an impeachment offense; hence, culminating into these proceedings.
5. Suffice to mention, Mr. Anthony Kanneh gained an advantage from an earlier legal precedent established by this very Board of Directors on June 9, 2012 when it brought threat of impeachment proceedings against erstwhile chairman, Mr. Fredrick Sam Gibson; thus, said Board appointed Mr. Anthony Kanneh to Acting Chairman of UP USA until convention. Since then, Mr. Kanneh has been operating, communicating,  cooperating, collaborating and reporting to this very Board, until he received the substantial undisclosed amount of money from Minister Lewis Brown, which he failed to report to the Board and members of the Association. For which, the National Executive Committee thoroughly investigated and submitted to the Board with recommendations for impeachment proceedings against Mr. Anthony Kanneh to wit:
WHEREAS Mr. Anthony Kanneh, Acting Chairman of the National Association and Members of Unity Party in the Americas was duly appointed by the Board in continuation of leadership as provided for by ARTICLE VII: SECTION D AND COUNT IV of the constitution “in the event of removal from office, death, resignation or incapacitation of the National Chairman, the 1st Vice Chairman shall assume the duties and functions of that office”: to serve the Members and fulfill the purposes of said organization’s constitution and professional ethics; and
WHEREAS the provision of the constitution specified in Article VII: Duties and Respionsibilities of National Officers;
i. Board of Directors:
ii. In the absence of the National Convention, the Board of Directors shall be the highest decision-making body of the National Association and shall make decisions reserved for Convention. The Board shall be vested with all powers and shall have oversight responsibilities over the National Executive Committee of the Association;
iii. The Board shall comprise of seven (7) members who will be appointed by the various chapters of the Association. Each Chapter shall appoint only one Board member after a careful and judicious vetting process;
iv. Board members shall be appointed for a term of four (4) years. The may succeed themselves for as many times as their Regional Chapters may choose or decide;
v. The Board may evolve its own leadership structure and rules by which it shall be governed. It shall also establish criteria and determine cause and extent by which actions may be taken against its members. And with the concurrence of two-thirds (2/3) majority of its members, it may expel a Director;
vi. In the case of a vacancy involving a Regional Chapter representative, the Chairperson of the Board shall through the National Chairman inform the appropriate Chapter to fill the vacnacy;
vii. The Board shall have the authority to impeach and remove from office elected officials of the National Association for cause and after due process;
viii. The Board shall approve election guidelines for the election of members of the Executive Committee;
ix. The Board shall approve the annual budget of the National Association and direct all audits of officers and members entrusted with the finances of the National Association;
x. The Board shall approve all contracts with financial obligation of more than $1000. It shall also ratify all agreements between the National Association and other parties;
xi. The Board shall meet in regular sessions at least every three (3) months. A simple majority shall constitute a quorum, and decisions shall be made in the form of a resolution. The Board may convene in the event of an emergency;
xii. During instances of misunderstanding arising from the interpretation or intent of the Constitution and By-Laws of the National Association, the Board shall have the sole authority to intervene and make final determination;
xiii. Only the National Convention may override the decision of the Board; and
WHEREAS, the National Board of Directors, after three weeks of careful deliberations finds actions on the part of Hon. Anthony Kanneh, inimical and counter–productive to the growth and development of the National Association; thereby dampening the enthusiasms of Regional Chapters in the Diaspora. Due to the gravity of his offence, the Board, after investigating Mr. Anthony Kanneh, found palpable and well founded reasons that he committed acts of fraud, inter alia: (the crime of obtaining money or some other benefit by deliberate deception) and or cheating, was subsequently exposed, leading to his six months suspension as of November 11, 2013; and
WHEREAS, in complete disregard to the constitution and the decisions of the National Board of Directors; while serving suspension, Mr. Kanneh engaged in the following actions:
• On November 26, 2013 served an expulsion letter from UP-USA ref. NAUP/USA/ANC/145 to Hon. Leo Mulbah, Secretary to the National Board of Directors, and an elected official from Georgia Chapter;
• On November 26, 2013 served an expulsion letter from UP-USA ref. NAUP/USA/ANC/143 to Hon. Samuel E. Greaves, Chairman of Delaware Valley Chapter;
• On November 26, 2013 served an indefinite letter of suspension ref. NAUP/USA/ANC/144 to Hon. Arthur Quaye, Delaware Valley Chapter’s Board Representative;
• On November 26, 2013 served an indefinite letter of suspension ref. NAUP/USA/ANC/142 to Hon. Henry Y. Kessely Sr., Chairman Minnesota Chapter; and without any color of rights, elected to impose himself as Chairman of UP USA on February 1, 2014 at the funeral of partisan Hawa Kpakah, when in fact, his name was not written in the program, for obvious reason, but manipulated to have him called up stage and eulogized on behalf of UP-USA. Prior to that, he sat up account, collected and disbursed funds to the bereaved family on behalf of UP-USA.
In view of the aforementioned violations, couple with your capricious acts and hair-triggering temper, all of which are acts and behavior distateful and repugnant (offensive and completely unacceptable) to the office of the National Executive Chairman; and, without deference to our constitution and members of the Association, you recklessly declared yourself above the law and threatening to destroy the balanced system of governance designed by the Framers of our Constitution.
In so doing, you have committed “HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS” (lack of openness, honesty and misdeeds) as articulated in ARTICLE XVII section (4) of our constitution. Hence, the National Board of Directors will not allow your unprecedented political shenanigan to prevail; and No future Chairman, or elected Official will ever attempt to wield unnecessary power set aside for the National Executive Committee or the Board of Directors.
Let it be clear that Mr. Anthony Kanneh no longer enjoys the confidence of his political constituents or possessed the requite honor, integrity and character to be trusted to carry out his functions in a manner free from corruption.
Therefore, in keeping with the configuration of the National Association, Mr. Kanneh continuous actions stand in shard violation as enshrined in ARTICLE XIX REMOVAL OR DISMISSAL OF ELECTED OFFICIAL(s)
Only the Board shall preside over proceedings for impeachment or removal of elected officials. Any elected official may be removed from office by a two-third (2/3 vote of the Board members after being accorded due process as guaranteed by this Constitution.
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the National Board of Directors, in its February 12, 2014 sitting voted 3-1 to INDICT YOU FOR IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS. The decision was supported by enormous evidence of total disregard for the National Association and wanton violations of our constitution and professional code of ethics. This is by no means a philosophical difference, but rather the legal authority of this body in the absence of an annual convention; and for the respect of the grand edifice of our constitution, with particular reference to the maladministration (incompetence and dishonesty of management) of the Association.
Be it resolved that we, Members and National Executive Committee and Directors of the Board, hereby, hold Mr. Anthony Kanneh accountable for fraud and malfeasance; and, opined that his “Impeachment” should be used to remedy “harm” from major abuse of power and unquestionable acts of great injury to Members Of The Association of New Unity Party, UP USA in the Diaspora.
Therefore, the NATIONAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS deemed it illegal and unauthorized, were anyone to interact with Mr. Anthony Kanneh as Chairman of the National Association of Members of Unity Party in the Americas. Doing so will be at his or her own risk.
Mr. Kanneh, it is important to note that, the National Board of Directors has sole Constitutional authority and responsibility to protect the National Association from unlawful acts by Executives, elected Officials and members.
Therefore, this communication serves as formal indictment to commence impeachment proceedings.
In view of the aforesaid, please be advised that failure to appear for Hearing before the Board within the next Fourteen (14) business days will leave the National Board with no alternative, but to put you on trial in absentia and judgment will be rendered accordingly in keeping with due process. We hope Mr. Anthony Kanneh will avoid further administrative or legal action(s) by the Board from the date this communication is published.
Hon. Philip Jorgu, Chairman, National Board of Directors
Hon. Isaiah Teasley, Acting National Executive Chairman
Hon. Leo Mulbah, Secretary, National Board of Directors
Cc: Her Excellency, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
Standard Bearer of the Governing Unity Party, RL
His Excellency, Hon. H. Varney G. Sherman

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