Youth Chairman Warns Opponent


The Youth Chairman and Vice President for Operations of the Association of Liberian Professional Secretaries and Clerks (ALIPROSEC), Mr. Bill Gray has warned his rival to quit the pending elections because victory will be his come Friday, March 14, 2014.
According to Mr. Gray, he has over the years performed his duties to the fullest, meaning that he is the chosen one to continue to stay.
He stressed on transparency, accountability and smooth human working relationship as the yardstick for his dream to claim the third highest post within the association.
Mr. Gray boasts of more 99 percent of the voting populace and that he will emerge victorious by landslide.
He promised that upon his election, there will be improvement at the center with a brand new standby generator to supply power.
The ALIPROSEC Vice President called on voters to vote him and the rest of the reformist team.   

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