The Dynasty of NASSCORP on the World Stage


Affluence is glaringly becoming the hallmark of Liberia’s social security scheme and, the logic is that the stage players have discerningly powered themselves in a classified fashion to professionally wheel the vehicle of the dynasty of the scheme.
In fact, it is true to form that the agenda of the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP) under its current administration is set to shore-up   Liberia’s economy on a plain line of vitality that would enmesh with the future of individuals who have assiduously served the country, either in the government or private sector. This is factual and can truly speak to the system of the corporation, in the background that it has evidently taken a venture to align itself with an international forum; a forum that has seen wisdom in it’s strive to make Liberia a conducive place where the citizenry can afford peaceful living particularly when they have devoted their life-time to work until they give up.
The move to build a stronger dynasty by NASSCORP has a word to showcase a recent high-power delegation of the leadership of the corporation to attend the World Social Security Forum and the 31st International Social Security Association (ISSA) in Doha, Qatar. The team was headed by the corporation’s Director-General Dewitt vonBallmoos, the man whose dream is to ensure that the corporation becomes an instrument that ably delivers to its beneficiaries in such that their burden would not be one that would be rested on the shoulder of the country financial system, though is a system that traditionally, is required to give attention to the people, when they feel that their right to earn for survival is broken.
A lot could have been said by others who might not be aware of NASSCORP’s operational scope and, same might also be opponents of the corporation but unfortunately they have no knowledge on the subject, the way or method that the firm has over the years strategically developed to translate its work into a desire that would positively impact the lives of its receivers, as it continues lofting  to a sustainable growth, a growth that underlines the true spirit of nationalism, for which its leadership stands.
And is an obvious indicator that the leadership of the corporation can guarantee in clear sight, those development initiatives of the firm nationwide, bring pride not only to its main targets or its beneficiaries but as well as the country, because they are snowballing in a quantified amount.
It is unarguable that the successes of the firm can be inclusively endorsed in the government’s overall accomplishments and, therefore they play a significant role in the rebuilding of the country, whose capital is being remolded in line with the earning capacity of its people. NASSCORP’s link with its international partners, illustrates to the fact that it has a team of technocrats, trained in varied areas, and they are men and women whose passion is to see that Liberia becomes a prime example of social security system in Sub-Sahara Africa.
Arguably, this is the corporation’s mental picture, and it is proven by its range of arrangements to ensure productivity at both national and international levels. It is highly underscored that NASSCORP’s efforts to move Liberia’s social security scheme to a height which is unfaultable to make certain that a secure environment is created for all.
Often and then, the reality is that no levelheaded minded person has the audacity the tread on the conquests in series the corporation has won not only for itself but being a system that serves as a brawny pillar to support the economic development of the country. So, the need to stand by its leadership and give it a backing, a backing that would hold it on track is underscored. The patronage would continue to help professionally directs the journey of the firm’s beneficiaries who are logging for better existence until death.

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