“We Will Go From Them”

Despite several Presidential directives to the relevant agency of government with the statutory mandate to be the custodian of all government’s properties, it would appear that the speed to perform such task has fallen far below the expectation of the Liberian Chief Executive who the process of enforceability has issued a two-week ultimatum for all vehicles and properties owned by government to be collected or retrieved.

     Sounding the caveat on Friday, February 23, 2018 when he and entourage returned home from abroad, President Weah accused some former officials of damaging the vehicles and or stealing them while others were hiding the vehicles in bushes and warned that government will go for these vehicles if they don’t honorably return them.

      Pres. Weah said: “Our government is having problem and these are just simple problems.”

“People who worked with the former government are hiding and scraping vehicles they used in the past government.”

    “They are stealing all the cars leaving this new government with the burden to buy new vehicles. What is s car that you cannot be honorable enough to leave behind?

“All of you who took government properties, you have two weeks to bring them back if not we will come for them. You have two weeks.”

     “We have to be true to our government. I am glad that I am saying it in a church. You got two weeks or we will come for them to be used for the benefit of our country.”

     Afraid that his government will be accused of witch hunting, Pres Weah noted – “We don’t want people to start to accuse us of witch hunting and the best thing to do is to bring government property back. I am not a professor. I am a practical person.”

    “I am not here to make the news but to make an impact if I am given the chance.”

In the report it was stated that some former officials of the Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf-led administration are still in possession of the government cars though they have been warned to turnover those cars more than a fortnight ago.

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