George Skins George: Ex-CDC Nat’l Chair Tears Weah, Gov’t Apart

Former CDC Chairman George Solo and President George M. Weah

“It is less alarming, when your neighbor’s dog barks at you every day but, when your dog that you dutifully spend your hard earned resources on, begins to menacingly threaten you, of course, that’s a strong reason for you to do some deep thinking…spiritually, though.”  As our News Desk reports, this was the philosophical reaction of Sydney, Australia-based enterprising Liberian Playwright, Josephus M. Zeelee, to a pejorative assessment of the one year old George Manneh Weah’s Coalition for Democratic Change led Liberian Government, by none other than one who has been widely known or perceived to be not only a close kinfolk to him, but also a political ideological associate and, as many believe, a mentor, George K. Solo.

Solo, a onetime National Chairman of Liberia’s former leading opposition party, Congress of Democratic Change, now the lead component of the three parties governing Coalition for Democratic Change, delivered the stinging assessment, in a live telephone interview yesterday morning, January 16, 2019, with a locl radio talk show.

Mr. George, a Harvard trained economist, who now serves as a Vice President of a major United States manufacturer, was speaking on prevailing general developments in the country for the first time since the end of the 2017 Presidential and Legislative Elections that brought his cousin, Weah, a former Africa, Europe and World Best Footballer, to power.       

Asked by his host to summarize his perspective of the performance and character of the one year old Weah’s government, the soft spoken former CDC strongman, reputed for his firm stands on national democratic political and governance issues in Liberia’s body politics, curtly responded; “It’s one of sheer disappointment,” taking a lot of factors into serious consideration, especially, the “optics and narratives” of the administration, relative to issues surrounding the integrity of how people entrusted with national responsibilities, are exercising what has been statutorily delegated unto them to do, in the supreme interest of the country and people, according to him.

He named the terrible economic conditions; absence of sustainable jobs creation; rising violence, especially against women and children; the uncontrollable garbage management and disposal, compounded by “scenarios of corruption and theft,” while at the same time, officials questionably acquiring properties, currently obtaining in the country, as tacit indicators for downgrading the government’s performance and integrity.

Speaking further, the former Congress of Democratic Change’s vocal National Chair, who later fell out of political favor with his cousin and Political Leader, thus, turning him into an object of bitter attacks from hothead Weah loyalists within the party,  in his deeply lacerating assessment of the current Liberia Government’s one year in power, warned that the international community is becoming very concerned about the unfavorable situation and happenings obtaining in Liberia, especially, the  manner and form in which it is being  governed, adding that Liberians will begin to see and hear those concerns being publically expressed, “pretty soon.”

Mr. Solo narrated that he has been silent for the one year under review, because, according to him, he thought that the period should have been used to quietly evaluate the Weah led administration, and, to an appreciable extent, give it breathing space and time to adjust to the rigors and rudiments of the onerous task of statecraft, such as, development and adapting policies and other frameworks, especially, relating to delivering on promises made during the 2017 Elections.

He however expressed indignation and dismay, that just within the period, the longstanding tradition and right of students at the State owned and run  University of Liberia, are already being suppressed, with the recent abrupt banning of all campus based student political activities by the institution’s administration, which according to Liberia’s political history, can have regrettable consequences on the country; L$ 16 billion reported missing; the mysterious unorthodox infusion of US$ 25 million into the economy by Finance and Development Planning Minister, Samuel D. Tweah without evidence of money exchange businesses interacted with, are only sufficient happenings that can generate widespread loss of confidence in the administration.

Mr. Solo described the Congress for Democratic Change and George Weah of today as being starkly different from the ones he once knew while in opposition for twelve years, adding that it is high time all well-meaning Liberians begin to speak out against the disturbing happenings in the government.  He branded the Congress for Democratic Change of today, as, among other things, having adapted the leadership mentality of  “a conqueror,” while exhibiting optics relating to wealth acquisition, and being extremely afraid  of opposing views, implying that the weak is actually weak. “But again, this is what power does…it corrupts the weak,” he observed.

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