Bridge Liberia to celebrate UN World Teachers Day in Buchanan – Several dignitaries expected to attend

Hundreds of teachers learn ‘Super cheer’ teaching techniques at Bridge Liberia teacher training in Ganta recently

Liberian teachers will be celebrating World Teachers Day on 11th Oct 2019 alongside dignitaries and representatives from the Ministry of education honouring the profession that is shaping the future of Liberian youth.

This year marks twenty-five years since its launch in 1994. Sadly, thousands of teachers in Liberia have not attained the basic reading and maths skills needed to build prosperous futures for themselves and their students and do not have the support necessary to succeed in the classroom. The World Bankk puts the number of teachers being failed in Liberia at 5,000.

To raise awareness and tackle this issue,  a new campaign called #TeachersTransformLives is being launched by Education partners in the country to raise awareness of how teachers can be well supported and developed, even in the most hard-to-reach counties in Liberia.

The international campaign highlights one government teacher in Liberia whose experience of teaching has been transformed due to better  training and support as part of the Ministry of Education’s programme. He demonstrates firsthand that teachers on the front line are changing lives and improving outcomes for children when supported effectively. 

The World Teachers Day celebration will see Grand Bassa County District 5 Legislator, Thomas Goshua serve as Keynote Speaker while Deputy Minister for Instruction, Alexander Duopu and Deputy Minister for Administration, Latim Da-thong of the Ministry of Education alongside Grand Bassa District # 3 Representative Matthew Joe and CEO Nathaniel Cisco including Bassa Superintendent Janjay Baikpeh amongst others are expected to attend the teachers event. The ceremony will be held on the campuses Bassa High School.

In announcing this year’s UN World Teachers launch in Liberia, Bridge Liberia County Director Griffin Asigo asserts: “Teachers can be more effective if they are equipped with the resources, techniques and support designed to improve learning outcomes. We are delivering better training and support across Liberia, thanks to the government partnership, and this is leading to more effective teachers in classrooms. I know because it’s happening every day in  Liberia.

Over 5,000 teachers, which made up 62 percent of all teachers that are assigned in government-owned primary schools across the country, do not hold a grade “C” certificate.

This is the minimum teaching qualification, the World Bank has disclosed this fact showing, that we need to do  more to support teachers in our communities. The Liberian government LEAP program is helping to address the challenge.”  

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