Bassa Superintendent, Rep. Goshua, hundreds others attend Bridge Liberia World Teachers Day celebration and launch of 2020 Awards for teachers; focusing on better support for teachers

L-R: Bassa Supt. Janjay Baikpeh, Bridge IT Director Nelson Dolo, Eddie Williams, PR Grand Bassa County, Rep. Thomas Goshua, Resident DEO of Grand Bassa and others at Friday’s elaborate event

The UN marked World Teachers Day on 5th October, twenty-five years since its launch in 1994. After a quarter of a century of global effort to improve learning outcomes, millions of teachers are still without the support and training they need to succeed. Consequently, more than half of all young people in the world have not attained the basic reading and maths skills needed to build prosperous futures for themselves and their communities.

On Friday, Oct 11, 2019 a  social enterprise partnering with the government, launched a new campaign called #TeachersTransformLives to raise awareness of how Liberian teachers can be better supported and trained to excel, even in the most remote communities such as Nickpachilu and Buah. The international campaign celebrates Liberian Government Teacher, Prince Dormeyan, whose experience of teaching has been transformed due to better training and support. He demonstrates firsthand that our teachers can change lives and improve outcomes for Liberian children, if supported effectively. 

Griffin Asigo, Country Director of Bridge Liberia said, “Teachers in Liberia do the most important job in the world. Every teacher needs proper support and professional development. The stakes for not doing this right could not be higher. That is why we are launching a new campaign to highlight the important work of teachers and how appropriate training and support is enabling them to improve learning outcomes in all of Liberia’s counties.” 
Timed to highlight World Teachers Day, the #TeachersTransformLives campaign is sharing teachers stories of success and growth from the frontline. One such teacher is Prince Dormeyan, who has been working in rural Montserrado as a teacher for over four years. He said, “In the past I struggled as a teacher because I did not have people to help me or the right materials. But things have changed, and I’ve been through some new training and have support and help every day. Now, I’m a better teacher than ever. Before I did not have many different ways to instruct children, but now I know a lot of techniques and that has really made things better for my class. I engage the children and everything I do is pupil-centred.”

Rep. Thomas Goshua, keynote speaker at this year’s World Teachers Day celebration in Buchanan where Bridge launched its 2020 Teachers Award said : “Teachers are the backbone of the country. They have many challenges but they continue to work hard to improve the future. We in the Legislature want to help teachers to excel in the classroom by increasing budgetary support to education. We will continue to do this.’

Teachers across Africa – including in Liberia – explain how they are becoming stronger teachers and how training and support is making them agents of positive change in their communities. 

Asigo continued, “Teachers can be more effective if they are equipped with the resources, techniques and support designed to improve learning outcomes. The Ministry of Education has been big supporters of improved training for teachers and we have seen better training and support leads to more effective teachers in classrooms. All teachers should be able to excel and should be supported to do so, the future of Liberia’s youth depends on it”

To follow the #TeacherTransformLives campaign please visit the campaign page.

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