Cow Factory In Trouble Over Pollution


Lofa County Electoral District # 3 Representative Eugene Fallah Kparkar wants the Ministry of Agriculture to urgently probe the unbearable pollution around the Jamaica Road Bridge on the Somalia Drive.
According to him, the pollution is causing serious embarrassment for Liberians and other nationals who reside in the Cow Factory Community.
He mentioned that passersby and community dwellers are always seen holding their noses when they are approaching where cow and goats were slaughtered.
The Liberty Party (LP) senior partisan pointed out that cow and goats blood are seen on the grounds of some areas within the Community.
He expressed dismay over the refusal of the management of slaughter house to adhere to modern health rules, thus making the environment hazardous and detrimental at all times.
In his communication to the House’s Plenary, Representative Kparkar also mentioned that groups of cow are noted for causing traffic jam when they are moving from one locality to another to get food.
According to him, the pending construction work on the Somalia Drive Highway might likely be stalled due to the continue walking of groups of cow on that major route.
He expressed the urgent need for the relocation of the slaughter house to ensure   community sanitation.
Representative Kparkar argued that the continue pollution without the intervention of the Ministry of Agriculture that is knowledgeable on agricultural issues is troubling and worrisome.
He wants the House summons Agriculture Minister Dr. Florence Chenoweth, to provide reasons why the slaughter house situated at a major route on the Somalia Drive cannot be relocated.

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