Gbarpolu Road Construction Remains Pres. Weah’s Concern-As Rep.Koiwood Encourages Citizens To Be Patient


Road construction continues to be a top priority of George Weah’s administration, in the wake of pronouncements from the President and other top officials of the CDC government.

     In Gbarpolu County, Representative Alfred G. Koiwood of electoral District #1 has become the latest official to preach the government’s road agenda, assuring citizens that a paved road will reach their county soon.

    Speaking to a cross-section of residents of Gbarpolu County recently, Rep. Koiwood said he was in talks with the Executive Branch of government to ensure that the County’s capital, Bopolu City is connected by paved road from Brewerville through Bomi by the end of 2019.

    “President George Weah is from my party, the CDC, so let me assure you that the road from Brewerville to Bopolu City will be paved by 2019,” Koiwood said.

    This, according to him is geared at easing burden confronting the citizens over the years due to deplorable road condition along that route.

      Citizens of Gbarpolu County have over the years complained that deplorable road condition remains an underlining factor that unrelentingly impedes development, agricultural benefits and economic growth of the county.

     With the pavement of the Bomi to Bopolu Road, the lawmaker noted that the livelihood of his people, infrastructural development and other things will improve.

    Rep. Koiwood believes his quest to ensure that paved road reaches Bopolu City will be successful if other officials of the county support him in making it a reality.

     The pavement of road from Montserrado County to Bopolu City might face a setback if division continues to exist among officials of the county and is therefore calling for reconciliation.

      Rep. Koiwood, who is also Chairman of the House Committee on National Security, wants people of the County to put aside political bitterness that sparked out during the elections period and join hands in fostering development in the county.

     “The elections are over; let us forget our personal differences. If I did anything to you during the elections process, I ask for forgiveness, and if any of you did  wrong me, I forgive you. It’s time that we think about the development of our county,” the Gbarpolu County Rep said.

     At the same time, Rep. Koiwood has urged residents of the county to get more involved with agricultural productivity in producing sufficient local commodities that will help increase supply and reduce expenditure.

     “Our government, the CDC-led government is committed to ensuring that all of its campaign promises are met, but this will not happen immediately because it will be a gradual process,” Rep. Koiwood asserted.

    “This is why all as citizens of Gbarpolu County, citizens of Liberia must support the government through agriculture and in our own possible ways to put Liberia on par with other countries in the sub-region,” the Lawmaker said.

    Rep. Koiwood has further admonished newly inducted officials of Gbarpolu County to put the interest of the county first.

     The County now has newly inducted Development Superintendent Joseph Akoi and City Mayor of Bopolu, ZinnahNormon.

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