Power And Control

When the great Poet sounded that a life without criticism is not worth living, he was reminding governors and the governed to as far as possible tolerate each other’s views in the community of co-existence with mutual respect for each other.

It was also informing us to be carefully tailored in our thoughts and deeds that there all men and women are valuable for their own sake; and that there are natural causes for everything that happens and these natural causes could be discovered if man thinks deeply and observes carefully.

However, in the theater of living together, wherein no man is an island; and despite one professes to be an island that island is a part of a country; and such country is a part of a continent and that continent is indeed a fully part of the global village. Therefore we should time after time think twice before branding each other negatively despite using the arms of flesh to flex the muscles of power and control.

Let us not be so deeply intoxicated with the whims of power nor be so obsessed with the toxin of control. We must not trade ourselves by barricading chances on the altar of power; for lest we forget that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely; while the armor of control can also lose steam and becomes puppet to uncontrolled developments.

As Jesus once told his disciples, don’t worry about the poor, because the poor will always be with you; by the same token, don’t rush your perceived critics aground and quickly brand them enemies of this and that because they sing with different tone not pleasing to your hymn sheet; learn to tolerate opposing views mainly being the governors; and stop re-designing their characters as enemies of the state which directly or indirectly exposed them to the ‘wolves’ (blind-praise-singers) most especially in a gullible society like ours…where when the governors speak unfavorably against a segment of the governed , all hell must immediately break loose and overwhelmed that  sector with perpetual  torments.  

Power and control must never be used by the governors to settle score against the unprotected governed When the Liberian leader being so dismay and equally became incredible to tolerate the views of his critics lashed out that he just did not know what the Liberia people wanted and branded his critics enemies of the state he allowed himself to be driven on the superior carpet of power and control.

He was not cognizant of the vivid reality when he sounded that his government would not have arrived at the presidency without the voices of its partisans being heard loudly.

 “And all our views, no matter how critical, being freely expressed in an atmosphere void of intimidation and arrest. This was only made possible by the tolerance of my predecessor, Her Excellency Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who protected the right to Freedom of Speech as enshrined in our Constitution. Now, in my turn, I will go further to encourage and reinforce not only freedom of speech, but also freedom of political assembly.”

But as long as power and control keep spearheading the path, all critical views expressed against the political establishment of the current regime has just begun to feel the lashes and steam of power and  control.

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